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Steak Cuts 101

Do you want to be a pro on knowing all the different cuts of steak? Read below as expert Martha Stewart will teach us how to determine all of the differences.


Boneless cut from the plate and flank. Though it can be tough, the long, flat cut is wonderful when marinated and thinly sliced against the grain.

2. Rib eye
Well-marbled boneless steak cut from the rib. The cut is prized for its rich flavor. Delicious served whole.

3.Top sirloin
Boneless cut from the loin, just in front of the round, near the hip. Rich, meaty, and tasty, but can be a bit tough. Best thinly sliced.

A porterhouse is actually two steaks in one, divided by a bone: The large side is the flavorful New York strip, the small side is the melt-in-your-mouth tenderloin. Great served whole.

5.New York strip
Boneless cut from the upper part of the short loin. Has a beefy flavor and a firm texture. Suited to being served whole or sliced.

6. Hanger
From the part of the diaphragm that extends between the last rib and the loin. Has a grainy texture and intense flavor that benefits from a marinade. Slice against the grain.

7.Filet mignon
Popular and expensive cut also known as tenderloin or tournedos. Boneless, tender, and without a lot of visible marbling; to retain the steak’s succulence, grill only until medium-rare.

Long, thin cut from the underbelly. While highly flavorful, the steak can be tough. Marinates nicely; cook until medium-rare, then slice against the grain.


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